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Outdoor Warning Sirens

The Village of North Aurora maintains 4 outdoor warning sirens.  All sirens are equipped with battery backup in case of power outage.  North Aurora’s sirens are activated using a multijurisdiction warning system.  Aurora, North Aurora, Montgomery, and Sugar Grove all coordinate outdoor warning siren activations.  All the sirens from all 4 municipalities are activated at the same time.  This helps prevent confusion and increase the strength of the system using overlap from one jurisdiction to another.    

Outdoor Warning Siren System Guidelines

The National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning encompassing Aurora, North Aurora, Montgomery, or Sugar Grove.

A request for siren activation is made to the Aurora 911 center from a public safety agency using the system.

No all clear is issued.  Residents and business are encouraged to have NOAA weather radios to monitor the location and hazards associated with severe weather. 

Outdoor warning sirens are designed to warn individuals outside of approaching danger.  Indoor coverage varies due to several factors including building construction, weather conditions, indoor noise, etc. 

All residents and business are encouraged to have NOAA weather radios to warn of dangerous weather and to provide updated information.  It may be necessary to have multiple radios in one facility or home to ensure warning and updated information when in your shelter. NOAA weather radios are available at local stores or on the web.

Where to seek shelter during severe weather:

A general rule to follow is the lowest floor, with the most walls between you and the outside.  Most injuries and deaths from tornadoes are associated with flying debris.  It is best to identify your severe weather shelter and run drills during different times of the day.  This also applies to businesses.