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The Fire Prevention Bureau encompasses several different areas (both traditional and non traditional) of the Fire District. The Fire Prevention Bureau is said to serve some of the most important and mandatory functions of the Fire District. Current staffing includes two full-time inspectors. With the rapid growth of the District, especially in the commercial corridor, the Fire Prevention Bureau expends much time ensuring that the new construction complies with the stringent fire safety requirements of the Fire District. The Fire District is recognized as having some of the most stringent Fire Codes in the State.

The Fire Prevention Bureau strives to provide the best possible customer service, vigorously enforce the fire prevention code, and to perform all other functions required of the Bureau in order to provide for the safety of the residents, firefighters and visitors of the Fire District.

The following is a list of the responsibilities of the Fire Prevention Bureau:

  • New construction plan reviews
  • Sprinkler inspections (minimum of 3 inspections for each new system)
  • Fire alarm inspections
  • Occupancy inspections
  • Fire code review and enforcement
  • Fire investigations
  • Fireworks enforcement as outlined by The Office of the State Fire Marshal
If you have any questions for the fire prevention bureau, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Fire Marshal Eric Bunkofske