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Anyone can ride a fire engine, blow the siren and even “dress up” in some bunker gear… But it is TRAINING that helps turn that “anyone” into a FIREFIGHTER who actually HAS a clue, on what to actually DO, for the civilians, themselves and for their Brothers and Sisters.

The North Aurora Fire Department is highly committed to training its members on any and all aspects of the job. It is an essential and vital part of the day to day operations. Training takes place every day of the week for a minimum of 3 hours per day. Firefighters train in real live fire training, company level training, Technical rescue training, hazmat training, officer training and many other areas. Training is supported wholeheartedly by the Chief and all of his officer staff.

Training is taken seriously by every member of the department. Firefighters understand that they need to practice for the real thing. "Practice as if it was the real deal" that's what we always say!